Portraiture - Environmental portraiture demands much for great results: Absolute technical knowledge to maximize the quality. Creativity to produce many innovative pictures in a convenient time frame. Personality brings the best expressions out of people; the session is fun and productive ... JR delivers.

Headshots - are for putting the best YOU forward to the public. For business. Social media. When the first impression counts ... JR delivers.

Social Photography - The fast moving world of weddings and special events requires finesse to capture the essence of the event and make those pictures say so much more than a thousand words in the legend. JR's decades of field work provides a wealth of successful assignments to draw from. The photos will provide a wonderful record that will not only just reflect the event, but create lifetime memories from unique pictures. Many times the people say they had no idea so much was done, experience makes unnoticed shots become special without being intrusive. Lots of great pictures, professional results ... JR delivers.

Automotive/Motorcycle/Boat - Above all, JR is a 'car guy' with love for classic cars, bikes and boats. Attention to detail and style is evident in his thorough capturing the essence of the vehicle. Restoration and insurance portfolio documentation, striking environmental portraiture, dynamic portrait galleries for the man cave ... JR delivers. 

Conference/Corporate - For corporate, political, and public events, special approaches are required. All of the details of the event should be covered, but equally important is capturing nuances that personalize the record and not merely snapping event pictures. This comes from decades of seasoned experience, not only taking images but by working in the corporate world which fosters understanding protocol. Final results are not just everything, it's how the process proceeds. Maintaining social decorum of the event. We will blend in, and not stand out as a bumbling photobug on assignment. The process must flow smoothly from planning stages through event coverage to completed results ... JR delivers.

Commercial and Industrial - A specialized world where engineering competency makes the best results. JR has broad experience in the full range of commercial and industrial photography from table top to shiny objects to large machinery with lots of little details. Results count ... JR delivers.


When photographic excellence is required, when getting the best images counts ... JRA Studios delivers.